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Who Is Your Role Model?

"It's great to have athletes as heroes and role models, it's important- I don't discredit that. But really at the end of the day, the biggest role model in a kids life should be sitting across from them at the dinner table. "

King of Hammers 2023
Me & Dad

A parent. Who shows up, leads, loves and has a presence in their child's life.

I'm beyond blessed to say that my role model and my hero is a man who I could look at across the table at dinner. Because he showed up, and showed me and my siblings what it's like to lead with integrity, passion, kindness and grit.

You never know what kind of an influence you have on others - especially kids. Because they remember so much! Just showing up and sharing a meal might be the thing to change a kids life and heart forever ❤️🙏

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