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A Few Things I've learned as a Small Footed Dreamer

Sometimes riders with the highest goals, largest aspirations and biggest dreams.....
Also have the smallest feet.

A few things I've learned as a small footed dreamer:

1. I highly encourage riders to get men's boots if at all possible!!

Function and safety are always first. And men's boots are not only more durable but they also are taller than the women's boots. That means more coverage and safety overall. They also last longer!!

2. Sizing can vary from brand to brand. Take the time to try different sizes/different brands.

3. Insoles are a secret weapon for some riders! A boot might feel a little too big originally, but with adding or swapping out the insole- you might just find the perfect fit for you!

4. When you find that needle in a haystack-smallest-men's-boot ever to fit a woman.... Buy an extra pair! They go out of stock fast. Find a color scheme you like? Same thing. Get it while you can. Your skills will grow, but your feet won't.

5. I've found the best men's boots for me are the Alpinestars Tech 7 in a size 5. (I wish they made the tech 10s in a size 5 🙏). I've tried on other brands but haven't had luck and these Alpinestars will get the job done. (Unless the job is to sneak up on someone. They won't get that done. The squeak heard around the world is just me walking around in my boots 🤷)

6. Remember: safety and function have to come first. Shop to protect your feet - not to match your gear!! (Sidenote: the Alpinestars happen to fit extremely well with @moskomoto pants). Women's or youth boots might be cheaper- but they are also less durable and the $ you save isn't worth the price of injuring your tiny little feets.

Take care of those small feet and as always -

Be Kind, Have Fun & Ride Dirt Bikes!!

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