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Moto Mindset 

The overlooked part of riding that we all experience every time we are on the bike. Where is our mind at? How can we focus on the trail ahead and stop the other thoughts from coming up?

Before we can conquer trails, we must first conquer our minds.

Conquering the mind is probably not the correct phrase, but it makes for a decent headline.


'Conquer' implies a battle, an enemy, right vs. wrong. When it comes to the mind, it's you vs. you. You don't want that to be a battle - I guarantee you'll lose. 

Instead of a 'battle' and 'conquering' mindset, an approach based in understanding, curiosity and honesty will go a hell of a long way! 


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I love nerding out on sports psychology and am fascinated by the incredible connection between the brain and body. I am always learning and engaging with the latest information in order to best serve the people that I work with.


Stay up to date on articles, blogs, and programs if you are interested in taking your riding to the next level or need motivation in working through a slump.


Together we can get you back on track and performing at a high level, while enjoying the journey and not battling with your mind!

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