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Coaching For Couples

Is this couples counseling? No, but if you take the risk of not using a coach when teaching your wife/girlfriend how to ride, couples counseling might be in your future.

Entering a new sport can be intimidating and while it's exciting, so much new information can also be stressful. It's important to have a plan when introducing the sport of dirt biking to someone who has never ridden. 

You don’t want frustration in the learning process to intrude on your relationship, and I love coaching and sharing my knowledge and passion for the sport. Win Win! 


If your teaching plan sounds like this, “Here’s the clutch, you pull it in to start and then use it to keep from stalling while riding” or “The rear break is here, front brake is there, and you know where the throttle is… that’s basically it, I think you’re ready to give it a go” There is a very good chance you are setting yourself and your partner up for anything but success. Without a plan and thought-out approach, a few minor frustrations might be all it takes to reach the dreaded "forget it, I don't want to do this anymore stage". 

I am here to help the learning process, and support couples as they journey into the badass world of dirt biking. Riding together opens up the doors to endless experiences and adventures you wouldn’t be able to experience off two wheels. There’s a magic and feeling that comes when riding, one that can’t be put into words but experienced. For a couple to share that experience is an incredible thing, and I want to help make that a reality for more couples in the dirt bike world. 

The trail of learning isn’t an easy one, I can’t guarantee a smooth ride. But I can move some of the large rocks and logs off the trail to increase the chances of success.
(And when frustrations happen, it’s not me you’re having dinner with at the end of the day. Your partner isn’t the bad guy. Instead an opportunity arises for you both to be on the same team and you can be supported in your journey of learning something new. 

Behind the handlebars of Dirt Bike Coach Kat Fitzpatrick's Husqvarna
Two dirt bikes loaded up in a truck

My approach is thoughtful, realistic and with a clear goal in mind; I want to coach and introduce the sport of dirt biking to wives and girlfriends who are wanting to get into the sport. By sharing my knowledge as a rider, a coach and a female who has experienced being taught by my dad and boyfriends in the past, I understand the difficulties that can show up in the space of learning from someone you love. 

Coaching For Couples: News and Tips

Learn to Dirt Bike without your significant other teaching you!

I help women in relationships learn how to ride a dirt bike, so couples can enjoy the sport and create meaningful memories together, without the mess that teaching one another a new sport can create.

Coaching For Couples: Video
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