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Individual  Coaching 

One on One Coaching

For riders just learning to ride

For riders looking to improve

For riders looking to get to that next level

Individual Coaching: Services
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Never Ever Rider

Learn the fundamentals of the sport

Beginner Rider

Fine tune your fundamentals & build more skills

Intermediate Rider

Set goals and focus on specific skills and technique to improve and see results on the trail

Mindset Coaching

Recognize and work through mindset patterns holding you back. Develop specific habits that bring you to your flow state, allowing consistency and continued success on the bike.

Maintenance Basics

Learn the fundamentals to give you the knowledge, confidence, and experience necessary to keep your bike on the trail rather than in the shop

Ride Through Life Transitions

Feeling like you’re going through some difficult transitions in life?

I can help

As a certified life coach with a passion for dirt bikes I will:

  • Guide you smoothly through the rough patches

  • Work with you to co-create a custom plan that supports you

  • Help you to build self-confidence both on and off of the bike

Dirt bikes have a lot to offer. 

They will connect you to the trail.

They will connect you to a community.

But most importantly they will connect you to yourself.


I can be your role model

I wanted nothing more than to have a female rider to look up to when I was younger. So what did I do?

I became that role model for myself

I prioritized riding, set goals and followed my passion. This opened doors that I didn’t even know existed. Like coaching others to do the same!

Let me help you become your own role model

Then you can have two role models! 

With my experience, knowledge and love for riding I am here to guide women and girls through their own doors in the sport so that they can get as much out of dirt biking as possible!

Individual Coaching: News and Tips

Imposter Syndrome & Dirt Biking

Does any of this sound familiar to you:

“I can’t”

“I’m not as good as (insert whoever you are riding with here)”

“I’ll never be on that person’s level”

“You guys go ahead, I’ll stay in the back”

“I don’t belong here”


It is common for someone to be down on themselves when they are feeling intimidated or not good enough.


I’m here to tell you that you’re more than enough. And you just proved it by courageously showing up.


Want to hear some great news? That is the hardest part. 


You just put yourself out there and gave yourself a chance to be challenged and grow. That’s Boss level Goddess material right there. 


Working with me we will harness that energy and propel you right past any negativity that imposter syndrome could muster.

Dirt Bike Coach Kat Fitzpatrick at Babes in the Dirt
Coach Kat Fitzpatrick riding her Husqvarna dirt bike at Babes in the Dirt

How to Get Yourself Out of a Slump Mid-Ride

You're riding and things just aren't flowing or connecting. What do you do? 

There's a lot of options and ways to work yourself out of a negative mindset on the trail. 
-Breathing: a few deep breaths can bring you back to the present and out of the mind. 
-Throttle: when it's safe to do so - hit the throttle a little and your mind will naturally get right to focusing on the trail. 

-Allow whatever emotion you're feeling to be released: sometimes, the only way to get back on track is to release whatever emotion has made its way in. Often it's frustration or anger and allowing a quick release is extremely helpful! This might mean yelling any certain words that are coming up, or releasing a brief yell from your core. It's amazing how much better we feel once we let out that emotion. So feel it, let it out and then carry on!

You Are Your Best Resource

And I Aim to be Your Second Best Resource

  • Helping you to find the gear and resources you need to figure out what works for you

  • Encouraging you to build up that dirt bike intuition and use it to make your own decisions. Does that boot not feel right? Is something about your bike cramping your style? Don’t ask permission, change it!

  • Letting you know that it’s not just okay to try new things, it’s the best way to figure out what you need. So let’s explore the gear and riding styles that work for you, and if they don’t we are just one step closer to finding out what does!


Remember I’m not only here to teach you and push you to the next level…I’m here to bring that self-confidence to the next level too!

So contact me and we can start learning what works for you together!

Coach Kat's Husqvarna dirt bike out on the trail


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