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When To Slow Down: How To Get a Competitive, Driven and Speed Loving Rider To Chill On The Bike

Part of me wanted to let loose, but the realistic side of me knew there are times and places for that and this wasn't one.

This ride wasn't about anything except getting moving, feeling cold air on my face, exploring and enjoying just being on the bike.

Today was not about doing the hard things. Although they are right there!

To look at a difficult obstacle, pick the line, feel the excitement and drive that is brought to life by this fire inside that wants to do hard things, and loves a challenge.... And then keep scanning the rest of the view...That is the practice.

It's as much setting limits as it is discovering your limits. Yes, I could ride or attempt a difficult trail until I hit my stopping point and then turn around. That's discovering the limit and it's extremely important!

But riding solo, in the snow, on new terrain... That all came together and I decided before getting on the bike that I would set my limits for today.

Rules for today:

Keep it easy. Keep it simple. If I have to think twice, the answer is no. Enjoy the view. What can you discover today that you can't on a regular ride?

And most importantly: I told myself to ride like my Grandma is watching me.....don't freak her out, she's too sweet. Today was a 'be kind to grandma' ride. She would be proud.

(Mostly. Let's pretend she was watching Jeopardy while I was falling on some step ups instead)

Pushing, growing, learning, challenging... quite often It's what we love most about this sport. It's easy to let that all take over. The mind is powerful. It doesn't take long before ego comes to the table, and begins to define us by our most difficult ride, our biggest accomplishment, our fastest race etc. From that place, we can lose ourselves in the chase....seeking the always far off finish line.

That's where I think the mind and body are most important - to bring awareness... Of self, of ego and be a witness to it all. Feel & know when to turn down the masculine energy, and when to turn up the feminine energy a little more. Allowing, being, creating, imagining, enjoying. For me, riding has progressed to be a dance between the two. It's all part of the ride.

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