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Pushing Myself To a Breaking Point & Meeting That Breaking Point With Laughter and Gratitude

2021 was a powerful year for me. With so many lessons, breakthroughs and changes, it felt hard to even attempt to summarize or wrap the year up with a few words.

Then I found this video.

On September 6th, my friend Hailey and I rode the backcountry of CO between Aspen and Crested Butte, just the two of us. I didn’t know it at the time, but that ride was a perfect embodied experience that encapsulates the greater life events, transitions, changes and growth I endured through 2021.

“I wanted to cry because it was so hard. But then I laughed, and then I was just so fucking proud of myself. For everything; for getting to the top, for getting to where I am at, for believing in myself and my life. Starting my life over and pushing myself, and getting here, getting up it all.”

I’ve come to know that when I ride, the space created in my head and heart becomes the true journey. It’s within this space that the richness of life so often unfolds.

"Riding with another girlfriend today on some really hard gnarly stuff, felt so good - I had to cry a little".

That September day, the space created in my head and heart while riding in the mountains brought me back to myself. Doing hard things, sharing the experience, feeling the feelings and being proud of myself along the way - 2021 - thank you.

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