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Keep Going.

Keep going.

Life comes at you fast.

Getting through a hard section on a trail. Just because you get through one hard part, doesn’t mean there aren’t more sections ahead just like it.

Doesn’t mean you stop, and move every rock to make it easy - as if it’s not your fault for it being hard.. The trail was out of place.

One thing remains the same for everyone - the only way to finish the ride is to get through it… to keep going.

-Whether that is by clearing it, dabbing, struggling, trying ten times, getting help or letting someone else ride the bike. The trail doesn’t care how it happens.

-The victory, growth and experience you have is up to you.

-You have the choice to accept asking for help as a failure. You also have the choice to ask for help and be grateful there are others around & celebrate the opportunity to have a shared experience and create a memory.

-The experience is there. How we show up in it will determine how far along the trail we continue to go.

There’s always harder sections ahead. There are also beautiful view &, trees offering shade and rest. There are friends to make, nature to appreciate and life to witness and be a part of.

Soon enough, the focus won’t be on the hard sections, it will be in the experience and how we show up for it.

Keep going.

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