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Curiosity to the Rescue?

I've been called stubborn by a few riders who were new to riding with me. That statement typically comes when I don't accept help the moment something goes off plan. I remember my heart sinking as a rider took off shaking their head when I asked them not to help right away.

While I can be stubborn, yes, I would say determined is more accurate. Nevertheless, the topic I am most passionate about discussing is the idea of CURIOSITY.

For me, learning is best done hands-on. I want to know, feel and see 'why'. I love to witness the 'how' and the moment things 'click' I am so excited!! I can understand general ideas and topics but until it really clicks, I feel disconnected from it all.

When something doesn't go as planned on a ride, immediately my mind goes to a place of curiosity. "How am I going to get out of this?" "What does the bike need right now to get to a better place?"

"I wonder what happens when I try___".

My connection to the bike and understanding of the bike grows every time I am able to be curious in tough situations.

Curiosity comes first for me. Then a self awareness check. If I am exhausted or not making progress, I have no problem asking for help! I love the fact that I have amazing people around me always willing to offer a hand or push! I don't have anything to prove and am not too proud to ask for help.

Before you jump to rescue someone, or shake your head and call them stubborn....I invite you to first witness... And ask what way you can support. Rescuing someone from a moment of curiosity and learning might make you feel better, but might also dim the light of someone whose learning opportunity was taken.

There's a time and place for everything, I accept a lot of help on the trail, I try to show up and support others in return, and at the same time I turn down help in exchange for letting my curiosity take the lead. Every trail, every rider and every situation is different. I am grateful for those I get to share the trail with, and grateful for each experience that comes our way.

Family, curiosity, help, growth, smiles. There's room for it all ❤️

*I love the photo inserted in this post! Because everyone on the rocks was right there ready to help pull me up, but also gave me space to be curious and figure out where I was getting stuck. I felt so completely supported and allowed to have my own experience. I am grateful to be able to ride with the most incredible people! Thank you all for the many ways you support me on the trail!

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