Healing & Recovering From A Break Up

You may be on your own, but you are not alone!

Together we work through your emotions, heal and connect to the You that was buried beneath the expectations, needs and desires of others. It's time to step into your Truth, and reclaim your power. 

Break ups can be the hardest events we face in our lives. They effect every aspect of our world, and suddenly it feels as if all eyes are on you. You pretend to be 'fine', but you are hurting and you don't simply want to 'get through' it. You want to Grow Through it! 

This break up is different, this isn't one you can easily walk away and move on from. This one really hurt, you thought this partner was The One.

 Right now you have a choice: to move away from love, close off your heart and let the actions of others decide your path.

Or you can take control of your life! You're here, reading this because something has changed...you are ready to transform your life. To not only heal from your break up, but to take your power back, and step more fully into who you are.

Connect To Your Inner Child 

It's time for a play date!

Remember that little version of you? Running through the sprinklers, dancing in the yard, full of joy and endless energy?

What would you say if I told you that little version of you is still there? 

Because it is true! Despite conditioning, pressure from society to 'grow up', your favorite version of yourself is still inside of you. 

It's time to push through the barriers, put the thoughts and judgements of others aside, and follow that inner voice leading you back to yourself! 

When you connect with your inner child, you regain your identity, step more fully into your true self, and begin leading each day with love and seeing the world through a brighter lens

If you're ready to stop holding back, and life the most full and vibrant life you've always imagined - this is the course for you. Your play date is waiting! 

Children Playing in Bouncy Castle