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WLF Pack Vest Review

I’ve been wanting to write a review of the WLF Pack Vest since the summer of 2021. But I've found this to be a nearly impossible task. Why? Well, what can be said about the vest that hasn’t already been said about penicillin, the wheel or the internal combustion engine?

Just as those inventions change life as we know it. The same can be said about the WLF Pack Vest. There was my life before the vest, and my life after.

Therefore the closest I can get to a review is sharing my experience before & after the vest. I’ve chosen a few different categories and given answers in a hypothetical interview format.

Category: General

Before: Life is good. Riding occasionally. Thinking about starting macrame.

After: Life is great! Have colors always been this bright? I think I want to build a sidecar for Endo.

Category: Pace on the Bike

Before: conservative - average. “Well this is just delightful…oh look other riders, I’ll let them pass, idk what their rush is. I’ll get back to camp before dark just like the rest of them”.

After: “Hold on for dear life. What is happening? How is the vest connected to the throttle? Good lord, everyone out of the way!!”

Odds of Making Friends on the Trail

Before: 30-40% “Oh god did I just hear another bike somewhere. Quick hide. Oh shit they saw me, try to blend….. Ha hi! Yeah I’m a girl, I’m fine..oh you didn’t ask….no I’m not lost, okay bye….damnit.”

After: 80-90% “Did I just hear another bike somewhere? More frieeeendddsss!! Yeehaw let’s go find them”.

# Of questions received about riding pack

Before: minimal. Other riders are most likely thinking “What does she carry in that pack? Would she even know how to use tools?”

After: Other riders most likely thinking “Let me ask her directions, she certainly knows where we are. Looks like she is the product rep for that vest, let me ask her all about it.”


Before: “Let’s do this”.

After: “The apocalypse could hit right now and we would be fine. Anyone need a snack? A 10mm? O

kay cool, just checking. Let’s Effing ride!”.

**The WLF Pack Vest is back in stock!

Create your own history and give it a ride!

Some photos by me. The good ones are by @gabedilla

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