Slowing Down

Slowing down.

It's hard to do, especially when there's always something to be done, somewhere to be or others counting on you.

When I was an Executive Director I literally never slowed down. I would work and push hard until I fell asleep, wake up and do it all over again...for years.

Work got done, but it wasn't the lifestyle I wanted for myself. Once in that crazy tunnel, it was hard to fully show up for others because I wasn't fully showing up for myself.

I've been working with an incredible, incredible Naturopath for over a year now, and have a completely different relationship with rest, slowing down and showing up for myself.

I listen to my body and do my best to give it what it needs... Especially when that is more sleep and slowing down. Because I know when I love and care for myself I am able to go out into the world and get after it with the things I love doing!!

Basically... what I'm saying is: Wild, crazy adventures pair very well with afternoon naps and long nights of sleep. (and snacks....sooo many snacks)


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