Logic, Reason and the Musing of the Ego: Can They Ever Get Along

Below is a copy of a conversation I had recently. It was eye opening, real, funny and I felt it was worth sharing. I often speak and understand concepts best when discussing them in analogies. Below is one of the many analogies in my vocabulary :) For the sake of the blog, the two people in the conversation will be 'Z' and 'K'.

Z: Logic, Reason and the Musings of the Ego: Can They Ever Get Along?

The answer is probably not, logic and reason don't seem to coincide well with the actions of a wounded ego.

K: An ego sees through a distorted lens to begin with. And a wounded ego just flips that lens around and shakes it until it doesn't resemble the real world at all.

Z: Naturally, and that's where so much of the richness in life lies, in being able to work on that lens and maybe see a little clearer along the way.

Z: That said, some of us drop our lenses in shit along the way and refuse to clean them off. Hence seeing the world through bullshit tinted glasses

K: Then you go around and try to put those lenses on everyone else so they can see what you see. And you can't make everyone see through bullshit tinted glasses.

Z: Nor can you have anyone else clean them off for you

K: Just accept yours are covered in bullshit. Take them off. Clean them. Or just recognize they are shit covered, but not everyone's are.

Z: Lord knows we've all tried cleaning someone else's. And all you end up with is shit on your hands.

K: Haha so true. I keep trying to show **** how shit covered his are. Then get pissed when my hands are covered, and want to throw the shit back at him, because it came from his lenses!

Z: That's the game we play

K: I don't like this game.

Z: Now all we can do is try to get the shit off hour hands. Take a nap, read a good book, listen to a song that makes you smile, and realize that particular game is his game. Your game only involves your glass, and those babies are getting cleaner all the time.

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