Choosing Myself & Wanting More

Breathwork in the Kiva

This last month I chose myself.

Fully & completely chose myself.

I said yes a while back to a retreat, and the moment I made that decision - everything changed.

In signing up for this retreat I was choosing myself.

I was showing up for myself. And admitting that I want more.

It's hard to admit you want more. This voice in our heads tells us to always be grateful for what we have. This in turn, begins to add shame and guilt when we ask for more.

.... Why do we have to choose? What if more than one thing can be true?

I am grateful for all I have, AND I want more. More of me, more love, more wild, more real, more community, more connection.

The retreat had an impact on me the second I signed up. And every moment spent with the amazing and inspiring group of women has changed me.

Its hard to put into words the shift I experienced, and still feel weeks later. Small micro adjustments to the life I was living and way I was thinking created a seemingly new life, new outlook and new fire burning inside me - my truest self - eager to get out and experience more. More of it all! I am here!

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