My Story

From wild adventurer, tomboy and passionate free spirit, to shy, quiet, introverted and hiding teenager, and a decade of self discover thereafter, I have a great deal of experience in being the chameleon - finding ways to fit in to any group/event or scene. 

      No matter how great I was at finding ways to blend in, I would have a fire burning inside me that wanted to be let free! For years I flirted with the line of fully standing in my truth and being my authentic self without care or concern for what others thought of me. But that line wasn't fully crossed until I absolutely couldn't continue living my life feeling like I was hiding. Then I was all in - a deep dive into all of the truths I had been ignoring or lying to myself about. My rebirth!

     I began to 'Adventure Back To Me'. Thinking of when I was my happiest - I was brought back to riding my dirt bike in the desert when I was 8. I remember riding around the track with my grey sweatshirt, red helmet and Honda XR 70 bike. I would try to catch up to my brother on the track we rode on across the street from 'camp' in the desert. I could never get close to him, instead he would lap me. And as he passed and I was right behind him, I remember getting the biggest smile on my face and pretending I had just caught back up to him and I was really going to pass him this time! 

    That little girl was fierce, passionate, playfully determined, stubborn, sweet, curious and fun. I knew she was still inside me. And at 30 years old I made it my mission to connect with her everyday, even for just a few seconds.

      My life has changed in a variety of ways on the outside. But on the inside, it doesn't quite feel like 'change', but rather meeting back up with an old friend; a friend I know so very well and it feels like no time has passed.  I now face each day with that same childlike wonder, curiosity, passion, determination and sometimes stubbornness :) 


My Mission

"You either take control of your love life or it takes control of you. It’s that simple."

Part of my Journey

This video is a brief insight into the better parts of May & June 2021

There were plenty of lows and difficult times, but they were always followed by something positive! Even if it's just me singing in the car - keeping the fire inside me alive! 

I look to this video for motivation to continue moving forward in my journey, no matter how hard and impossible it can seem.



The Younger Years

Adventurer. Tomboy. Ballerina. Free Spirit. Different. Alive. Playfully Competitive. Determined. Stubborn. 

My first trip camping in the desert was when I was 6 weeks old. And ever since, I have been in a lifelong love affair with the outdoors. I feel nurtured, cared for, loved, challenged, terrified and a part of something when I am outside in nature.